Produkty IChF PAN

  • ZD CHEMIPAN wykonuje syntezy związków chemicznych służących ochronie środowiska. Nasze feromony, kairomony i repelenty są wykorzystywane w leśnictwie, rolnictwie i sadownictwie do produkcji ekologicznych środków służących do kontroli liczebności owadów - szkodników.

  • SILIQUAN offers nanometer sized probes, having a selection of different surface coatings. We specialize in the production of both, fluorescent and non-fluorescent, silicone materials, offered in a wide range of sizes and forms (aqueous, non-aqueous solutions, solid state) to best suit the needs of our clients.

  • SERSitive provides cutting-edge SERS substrates made for fast and accurate analysis for a wide range of analytical sciences such as pharmacy, forensic laboratories, border guard laboratories, medicine and many others. Our innovative technology enhances the sensitivity of widely known Raman spectroscopy, multiple times, due to it’s hi-tech roughened surface of silver or silver-gold nanoparticles.