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seminaria w latach akad. 2014/2015 - 2017/2018
rok akademicki 2018/2019

26 June 2019
* Neha Rangam - 'Carbon nanomaterials for phototherapy'
* Marta Czaplicka - 'SERS-based analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood samples -  a new diagnostic approach for 'liquid biopsy'
12 June 2019
* Sylwia Berus - 'SERS-based differentiation of pneumococci at species and strain level'
* Agnieszka Lewalska-Graczyk - 'Nanostructural hybrid electrocatalysts in oxidation of alcohols'
5 June 2019
* Aleksandra Zalewska - 'Identification of chemical stimulants of sexually immature pine sawyer beetles'
* Marzena Prus - 'Electrokinetic tracking of calcium carbonate nucleation'
29 May 2019
* Jeel Raval - 'Study of shape transformation of lipid vesicles due to their adhesion to a solid surface'
* Ashmita Bose - 'Experimental investigations on Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction in DOWEX beads'
22 May 2019
* Jan Stępień - 'Oscillations of current and potential in metal corrosion simulations'
* Wojciech Marynowski - 'Insight into zinc stannate formation mechanism'
* Krzysztof Bielec - 'Kinetics and equilibrium constants of oligonucleotides at low concentrations'
15 May 2019
* Yu-Kai Lai - 'Two-stair step emulsification device for direct generation of double emulsion'
* Monika Ćwiklińska - 'Multi-compartment hydrogel capsules for topological 3D co-culture studies'
8 May 2019
* Gabriel Morgado - 'Fisher-KPP front as a sensor of perturbed diffusion in concentrated systems'
17 April 2019
* Marcin Saski - 'What is the role of guanidinium in the formation of organolead halide perovskites?'
* Kumar Sarang - 'Kinetic study of the aqueous-phase reactions between green leaf volatiles and atmospheric radicals using laser flash photolysis'
10 April 2019
* Marta Pilz - "The analysis of nanoprobes' motion in tumor models"
* Patrycja Kuźma - "Interaction between dsDNA and anthracycline-based anticancer drugs. Introduction."
* Patrycja Łach - "On the 'gate effect' in electrochemical sensing with a molecularly imprinted polymer and redox probes"
3 April 2019
* Witold Wałecki - 'Spectroscopic and theoretical studies of mono- and dicarbonylic analogues  2-(2'-pyridyl)pyrrole'
* Paulina Jeleń - 'Enzyme inhibition in continuous flow measurements in a microfluidic device'
27 March 2019
* Jakub Kałęcki - 'Facile Fabrication of a Surface-imprinted Inverse Opal Film of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Chemosensing of Protein Hormones'
* Krzysztof Niciński - 'Taxonomic Identification of Campylobacter spp. by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering, According to the International Standard Organization (ISO) Methods'
* Emil Kowalewski - 'Catalytic Hydrogenation for Technological Applications and Environmental protection'
20 March 2019
* Marta Majewska - 'Electrochemical characterization of biomimetic membranes with adsorbed antimicrobial peptides'
* Dusan Mrdenowic - 'Size dependent mechanism of amyloid ß interaction with total brain lipid extract: AFM study'
* Robert Buda - 'A homing system targets therapeutic T cells to brain cancer' [literature-based: H. Seba et al. Nature 561 (2018) 331]
13 March 2019
* Faria Khan - 'Acute Exposure Effects of Biomass Burning Aerosol Components in Cell Lines of Lung Origin: Dosage-Time Dependent Cellular Response'
6 March 2019
* Maciej Zieliński - 'Significance of H2O and H2 in CO Oxidation on Heterogeneous Au Catalysts'
* Masha Sahebdivani - 'Droplet Formation in Flow Focusing Devices'
27 February 2019
* Klara Nestorowicz - 'Analysis of secondary organic aerosol from isoprene and butadiene with hyphenated mass spectrometry'
* Helena Butkiewicz - 'Supramolecular complexes of carboxylatopillar[5]arene with viologen derivatives'
* Horacio Serna - 'Effects of cylindrical confinement in systems with competing interactions'
6 February 2019
* Magdalena Szewczyk - 'Photoswitchable catalysis in colloidal systems'
* Grzegorz Sobczak - 'Supramolecular oddity: interactions at nanoparticle surface'
30 January 2019
* Natalia Pacocha - 'High throughput label-free readout of bacteria density in nanoliter droplets'
* Ilia Smirnov - 'Diffusion phenomena in nanoparticles'
* Marta Podrażka - 'Facilitated cation transfer at a three-phase junction and its applicability for ionophore evaluation'
23 January 2019
* Carolina Cruz - 'Electric double layers with ionic liquid-solvent mixtures'
* Natalia Pacocha - 'High throughput label-free readout of bacteria density in nanoliter droplets'
9 January 2019
* Karolina Gołębiewska - 'Application of Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Selected Bis(bithienyl)methane Derivatives for Surface Imprinting of Human Serum Albumine'
* Viknasvarri Ayerdurai - 'Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Determination of Chosen Food Toxins'
19 December
* Paulina Materska-Wilczyńska - 'Imatinib determination using molecularly imprinted polymers'
12 December
* Izabela Olszowska - 'The use of composite particles, emitting long-lasting luminescence, for latent fingermark detection'
* Wassie Mersha Takele - 'Modulating  Molecular Vibration by Strong Light-Matter Coupling'
* Natalia Olejnik - 'Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced solid-state NMR as a powerful tool for investigating the inorganic-organic interface of nanocrystalline surfaces'
5 December
* Ayesha Khan - 'Mechanism of nanostructure formation and surface engineering for activated materials in catalysis'
* Ying Zhou - 'Determine the concentration of DNA interacting with doxorubicin in vivo'
* Agata Kołodziejczyk - 'Formation and properties of secondary aerosol from the photooxidation of a-pinene aged products'
28 November
* Rashmi Runjhun - 'Development of hybrid organic-inorganic materials for perovskite solar cells'
* Richard Löffler - 'Better red than dead: On the influence of Oil Red O dye on ?omplexity of evolution of a camphor-paraffin droplet on the water surface'
21 November
* Paulina Wach - 'A summary of the research on a secondary organic aerosol'
* Airit Agasty - 'Fluorescent nanoprobes and viscoelasticity'
* Yu-Ting Kao - 'Gravity-driven microfluidic assay for digital enumeration of bacteria and for antibiotic susceptibility testing'
14 November
* Paulina Wach - 'A summary of the research on a secondary organic aerosol'
* Nabila Yasmeen - 'Chemosensors for selective determination of autism biomarker'
* Alcina Sudagar - 'Molecularly imprinted polymers for selective electrosynthesis'
7 November
PhD year opening & lecture
1. Opening speech by Professor Marcin Opałło, the Director of IPC PAS
2. Matriculation of the 1st year PhD students
3. The opening lecture "Fluorescence at Your Service" by Dr. Krzysztof Sozański
24 October
* Helena Butkiewicz - 'Structural studies of the complexes of carboxylated pillar[5,6]arenes'
* Monika Ćwiklińska - 'Microfluidic techniques for microphysiological model of angiogenic sprouting'
17 October 2018
* Monika Ćwiklińska  - 'Microfluidic techniques for microphysiological model of angiogenic sprouting'
* Krzysztof Niciński - 'Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for biomedical samples analysis'
* Kumar Sarang - 'Aqueous phase reactions of green leaf volatiles as a source of secondary organic aerosol in presence of atmospheric radicals'
10 October 2018
* Krzysztof Bielec -'Time of Search, ToS. Research conducted during the past year'
* Łukasz Richter - 'Deposition of analytes in the electric field'
* Yirui Zhang - 'Steady-States of a Lattice under Local Energy Input'
3 October 2018
* Vishwanath - 'MoS2 Nanoparticles Grown on Graphene: An Advanced Catalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction' (based on a seminal JACS article by Yanguang Li et al.)
* Yu-Kai Lai - 'A facile method for single or double emulsion generation'
rok akademicki 2019/2020

24 June 2020
* Andrzej Krześniak - 'Studies of electrochemical reactions in microcavity'
* Karolina Zielonka - 'Why should we bother to fold DNA? DNA origami and single-molecule measurements'
* Abdolvahab Amirsalari - 'Optimization excitation for imaging emission patterns of resonance probes on SERS  substrates: From high molecular coverage to single molecule level'
* Tomasz Skóra - 'Macromolecular crowding shapes mobility: Study of diffusion in binary mixtures'
17 June 2020
* Maciej Biały - 'Spatial organization of metallic nanowires for advanced photonics'
* Aleksandra Borkenhagen - 'Advanced photocatalytic hybrid nanomaterials - possibilities and challenges'
* Karolina Opała - 'Mechanochemical approach for metal-organic frameworks synthesis'
10 June 2020
* Airit Agasty - 'Scaling equation for viscosity of polymer solutions'
* Yirui Zhang - 'Steady states under heat flux'
* Horacio Serna - 'Effects of confinement on self-assembly in systems with competing interactions'
3 June 2020
* Alicja Kijewska - 'Changes of intracellular transport during cell death'
* Aneta Karpińska - 'Penetration of biological and chemical molecules into living cells'
* Monika Charążka - 'Metal containing polymers for electrocatalysis and electrochemical sensing'
27 May 2020
* Karolina Kucharska - 'Model of study on DNA-anthracyclines interactions in nucleus of living cell'
* Elżbieta Jarosińska - '3D cell culture in hydrogel scaffolds and their application in drug discovery'
* Karthika Kappalakandy Valapil - 'Integration of biosensor micro-electrode arrays in 3-dimensional cell culture scaffold'*
20 May 2020
* Ahmad Shakeel - 'Exploring the role of antibiotic pre-exposure on bacterial heterogeneity at single cell level'
* Müge Bilgen - Influence of antibiotic and inhibitor mixtures on phenotypic heterogeneity'
* Sharat Devadas - 'Porphycene-polydimethylsiloxane hybrids with enhanced photophysical properties'
13 May 2020
* Elavenil Ganesan - 'Cryogenic synthesis and IR spectroscopy of phosphaethene, CH2=PH'
* Paweł Garguliński - 'Microfluidic tankers: A tool for studying single bacteria cells'
* Shreyas Vasantham - 'Single-cell stakeout: A microfluidic device for hydrodynamic focusing of WBCs'
6 May 2020
* Gabriel Morgado - 'Propagation of a wave front: A stochastic approach'
* Abdul Qayyum - 'Understanding the mechanism of lignin-based model molecules selective conversion to phenolics via ultrasound assisted heterogeneous photocatalysis'
29 April 2020
* Sylwia Berus - 'A novel SERS-PCA approach for the identification of/Streptococcus/ spp. strains in clinical samples'
* Krzysztof Niciński - 'In search of spectroscopic signatures of Alzheimer's disease: The investigation of Porphyromonas gingivalis by Surface-enhanced  Raman Scattering coupled with Principal Component Analysis'
* Marta Czaplicka - 'Detection of cancer cells and tissues by Raman spectroscopy and Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy'
22 April 2020
* Marta Pilz - 'TMA, but not TMAO, may be involved in the etiology of cardiovascular diseases'
* Patrycja Kuźma - 'Drug delivery system based on nanoparticles for anthracycline group'
15 April 2020
* Agnieszka Lewalska-Graczyk - 'Does impact factor determine the value of our research?'
* Sahir Gagan - 'Free-standing nanocomposite films crosslinked through copper citrate complex'
* Mounika Rapolu - 'Sensitivity and effect of contrast agents on microvasculature using optical coherence microscopy (OCM)' 
11 March 2020
* Marcin Rubin - 'Exploring connection between cancer cell heterogeneity and tumor resistance to therapeutic agents'
* Vishwanath, R.S. - 'Synthesis and three-phase electrochemistry of Ru-complex having tridentate bis(benzimidazolate)pyridine ligand'
* Dusan Mrdenovic - 'Influence of amyloid ß on the properties of an artificial brain-mimicking phospholipid membrane - spectroelectrochemical studies'
4 March 2020
* Helena Butkiewicz - 'Host-guest complexes of p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene with iproniazid drug'
* Kumar Sarang - 'Green leaf volatiles oxidation by hydroxyl radicals in the tropospheric aqueous-phase: Product identification'
* Agata Kołodziejczyk - 'On the missing physicochemical properties of ?-pinene SOA aging products'
26 February 2020
* Jakub Kałęcki - 'Hexagonally Packed Macroporous Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Chemosensing of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Protein'
12 February 2020
* Viknasvarri Ayerdurai - 'Selective chemosensing of a heterocyclic aromatic amine (HAA) carcinogen by mimicking its dsDNA intercalation with molecular imprinting'
5 February 2020
* Aleksandra Zalewska - 'Resolving the smell of forest'
29 January 2020
* Natalia Olejnik-Fehér - 'Solid-state NMR as a Powerful Tool for Investigation of Doping in Nanomaterials'
* Idaresit Mbakara - 'Spectroscopy and Photophysics in Porphycenes: Electron Donating and Electron Withdrawing Effects'
22 January 2020
* Marta Podrażka - 'Novel systems for ion-transfer studies'
* Izabela Olszowska-Łoś - 'Physicochemical methods for latent fingermark detection'
18 December 2019
* Paulina Materska-Wilczyńska - 'Chemosensors with molecularly imprinted polymers for drug determination'
* Ayesha Khan - 'Mechanism of nanostructure formation and surface engineering for activated materials in catalysis'
4 December 2019
* Alcina Sudagar - 'Molecularly imprinted polymers for selective electrosynthesis'
* Jyoti - 'Molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles for recognition of cilostazol drug'
27 November 2019
* Faria Khan - 'Understanding the toxicological pathways of biomass burning aerosol components'
* Yu-Ting Kao - 'FISH & Chips'
* Mounika Rapolu - 'Longitudinal growth and progression of Glioblastoma tumour studies of in-vivo mouse brain using OCT'
6 November 2019
* Marta Czaplicka - 'SERS-based analysis of circulating tumor cells: new diagnostic approach for "liquid biopsy'
* Ying Zhjou - 'Determine the equilibrium constant for a 2-step reaction: Doxorubicin-DNA interaction'
* Neha Rangam - 'Mesoporous magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery application'
30 October 2019
* Swaraj Rashmi Pradhan - 'Nanoengineering of thin layers of semiconductor photocatalysts in a microreactor environment for lignin-based model compounds valorization'
* Bartosz Zawadzki - 'Degradation of diclofenac and trichloroethylene by catalytic hydrodechlorination using ?-Al2O3 supported monometallic catalysts'
* Robert Kołos - 'Our PhD Seminars: Some rules, some advice'
23 October 2019
* Marcin Rubin - 'Evolution of gene regulation in bacteria: theoretical approach'
* Tomasz Skóra - 'How the shape of macromolecules affects diffusion in crowded environments?'
* R. S. Vishwanath - 'Electrochemistry of selected quinones at immiscible n-octyl-2 pyrrolidone/aqueous interface using a three-phase electrode system'
16 October 2019
* James Lawrence Pogrebetsky - 'Introduction to protein aggregation and its importance'
* Mykola Kravets - 'New functional macrocyclic compounds based on pyridine derivatives'
* Sahir Gagan - 'Thin, free-standing nanocomposite films and their electrical conductivity'
9 October 2019
* Karolina Księżarczyk - 'How subtle changes of plastics hydrophobicity affect the bacteriophages'
* Karolina Paszkowska - 'Modulation of bacteriophage stability - introduction'
2 October 2019
* Michał Ćwik - 'Controlling plasmon propagation and enhancement via reducing agent in wet chemistry synthesized silver nanowires'
* Iva Marinovič - 'Identification of a new receptor via phage display technology'
* Yirui Zhang - 'Flux and energy storage in non-equilibrium steady states'
rok akademicki 2020/2021

10 March 2021
* Karthika Kappalakandy Valapil - 'Electrode arrays as sensors for basic research and pharmaceutical applications'
* Karolina Kucharska - 'Brightness analysis method: YOYO-1 and YO-PRO, two cyanine dyes'
* Aneta Karpińska - 'Quantitative analysis of cellular uptake of olaparib analog drug directly in living cells'
3 March
* Elżbieta Jarosińska - 'Fooled by antifouling agent - how to prevent adsorption on an electrode surface'
* Monika Charążka - 'Metal containing polymers for electrocatalysis'
24 February 2021
* Sharat Devadas - 'Synthesis of porphyrinoid polymers for analysis of light-matter coupling in optical nanocavities'
* Idaresit Mbakara - 'Quantum yield of photodegradation in porphycenes'
* Abdul Qayyum - 'Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of TiO2 nanomaterials and its activity towards lignin-based model molecule valorization'
3 February 2021
* Elavenil Ganesan - 'Rare gas matrix isolation and spectroscopy of phosphaethane, phosphaethene, and phosphaethyne'
* Paweł Garguliński - 'Studying multi-nozzle step emulsification of distinct sample plugs'
* Shreyas Vasantham - 'Tales from a single-cell stakeout: Return of the optical tweezers'
27 January 2021
* Krzysztof Niciński - 'Towards the SERS-based magneto-plasmonic sensor for detection of /Porphyromonas gingivalis/..."'
* Maria Czaplicka - 'Effect of varying expression of EpCAM on the efficiency of CTCs detection by SERS-based immunomagnetic optofluidic device'
* Sylwia Berus - 'Diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases by means of SERS along with supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition methods'
20 January 2021
* Richard Löffler - 'A malleable material for studies on self-propelled motion of objects with varied shapes'
* Wassie Mersha Takele - 'Molecular Properties in an Optical Microcavity'
* Patrycja Kuźma - 'Interaction between dsDNA and anthracycline-based anticancer drugs. Continuation.'
13 January 2021
* Sahir Gagan - 'Synthesis of free-standing and conductive AuNP/Cu2+ metal hybrid monolayer at the liquid-liquid interface'
* Marta Pilz - 'How fast do drugs get into cell? Real-time measurements of cellular uptake'
* Francesco Nalin - 'On-chip microvalves for precise control of flow in biological experiments'
16 December 2020
* Marcin Rubin - 'Time dependent solution for the growth rate of an initially synchronized bacterial population'
* Helena Butkiewicz - 'Host-guest complexes of carboxylated pillar[n]arenes in the crystal form'
* Rashmi Runjhun - 'Investigation of ZnO quantum dots as the electron transporting layer in perovskite solar cells'
9 December 2020
* Gabriel Morgado - 'Steady state approximation: How and when?'
* Aleksandra Zalewska - 'What Monochamus likes'
* Kumar Sarang - 'Kinetic and chemical studies of the aqueous-phase reactions between selected plant volatiles and atmospheric radicals'
2 December 2020
* Dusan Mrdenovic - 'Amyloid ß interaction with model cell membranes - insight into Alzheimer's disease'
* Viknasvari Ayerdurai - 'Selective chemosensing of a heterocyclic aromatic amine (HAA) carcinogen by mimicking its dsDNA intercalation with molecular imprinting'
* Airit Agasty - 'Scaling model expansion for polymer solutions, and crosslinking effects in PDMS'
25 November 2020
* Alcina Sudagar - 'Greener alternatives for catalysis'
* Neha Rangam - 'Industrial by-product mediated synthesis of silver nanocomposites'
* Jakub Kałęcki - 'Trends in Surface Imprinting: Overcoming Challenges of Molecular Imprinting of Proteins'
18 November 2020
* Faria Khan - 'Heterogeneous atmospheric aging of isporene emissions drives the toxicology in lung cells'
* Yu-Kai Lai - 'Drop slide array'
* Yu-Ting Kao - 'Detection and enumeration of bacteria by digital droplet microfluidics assays'
4 November
* Carolina Cruz - 'Effects of confinement on ionic liquids'
* Ying Zhou - 'Equilibrium constant determination of anti-cancer drug interactions with DNA: from in vitro to in vivo study'
* Ayesha Khan - 'Mechanism of nanostructure formation and surface engineering for activated materials in catalysis'
28 October 2020
* Witold Wałecki - 'Further studies on formylic analogues of 2-(2'-pyridyl)pyrrole'
* Idaresit Mbakara - 'Photostability in porphyrin-like systems'
* Wassie Mersha - 'Tailoring the Photophysical and Tautomerization Properties of Single Molecules by the Purcell Effect'
* Michał Ćwik - 'Silver nanowires - remotely excited (bio)sensors'
21 October 2020
* Jeel Raval - 'Shape transformations of vesicles induced by their adhesion to a flat surface'
* Ashmita Bose - 'Artificial Intelligence in designing a network of chemical oscillators to diagnose schizophrenia'
* Swaraj Rashmi Pradhan - 'Design and development of TiO2-coated microflow reactor for photocatalytic partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol'
14 October 2020
* Mykola Kravets - 'Visual Discrimination of Phthalic acids'
* Grzegorz Sobczak - 'Third time's a charm: Introducing thiolated donor-acceptor Stenhouse Adducts'
* Nabila Yasmeen - 'Electrochemical synthesis of microgel particles as well as films coating silica nanobead and magnetic nanoparticle cores'
7 October 2020
* Jyoti - 'Molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles as the recognition unit of the electrochemical chemosensor for cilostazol'
* Ilia Smirnov - 'Diffusion and segregation phenomena in immiscible Au-Pt nanoalloys'
* R. Kołos - Information for the newly recruited doctoral students
30 September 2020
* Bartosz Zawadzki - 'Palladium loaded materials as efficient catalysts for aqueous-phase diclofenac hydrodechlorination'
* Krzysztof Bielec - 'How to measure formation of chemical complexes at subnanomolar concentration scale?'
* James Lawrence Pogrebetsky - *** title not disclosed ***