Polish Journal of Chemistry
vol. 75, Number 8, August 2001, pp. 1087-1194



Professor Jan Michalski (full text in PDF format)

- Mikołajczyk M.


New Developents in Heterocyclic Chemistry of Phosphorus and Nitrogen

- Modro T.A.


Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Mono and Bicyclic 1,2-Thiaphosphacyclanes

- Mastryukova T.A., Odinets I.L., Vinogradova N.M., Lyssenko K.A. and Petrovskii P.V.


Thiophosphates and Selenophosphates as Tools in the Construction of Carbon–Carbon Double Bond

- Skowrońska A., Dybowski P., Koprowski M., Krawczyk E. and Macięgiewicz I.


C-Phosphorylated Azoles

- Pinchuk A.M., Yurchenko A.A., Oshovsky G.V., Zatrudnitskii E.V., Pushechnikov, A.O. and Tolmachev A.A.


31P High Resolution Solid State NMR Studies of Phosphoroorganic Compounds of Biological Interest

- Potrzebowski M.J., Ganicz K. and Kaźmierski S.


Models of Biomacromolecules and Other Useful Structures Based on the Poly(alkylene phosphate) Chains

- Penczek S., Pretula J. and Kałużyński K.


"No Strain, No Gain:"; Studies in the Mechanism of a DNA Repair Enzyme

- Blackburn G.M. and Walcher G.

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